Forensic Videos

     Prevention is always better than cure! It is in this spirit that we have created a range of videos on areas of topical interest to help understand the dynamics around Cyber Crimes,     Fraud in the online space and how to prevent becoming a victim. 

    We regularly add to our video feed and the Channel is available at HERE

    Has your Cellphone been compromised? 

        A lot of people contact us, concerned that their cellular phones are being spied on - can it be done? How difficult is it really and what can YOU do to prevent someone from   
        compromising your phone,. 


    The Experian Breach - What you need to know.

        The experian data breach has been all over the news recently - but how does it affect you? Does it affect you? What should you do and be wary of?



    How to avoid being a victim of Cyber Crime

         From puppy scams, romance scams, naked pics and extortion, we've seen them all. Learn a little bit more about how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime. 


    What is Advance Fee Fraud?

        A rapidly growing trend in South Africa is the use of fraudulent websites to perpetrate advance fee fraud - this, is what you need to know.