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Cellular Phone Analysis

Cellular Forensics is a complex field requiring meticulous caution when working with both the device and the results. We're often asked what results one can expect from a "dump" of a cellular device. The answer of course is dependant on the individual make/model of phone, whether it's pin locked or not and what level of data is required. When was the data deleted? What type of data is it? Can the device be rooted to get access beyond the encrypted partition? 

State of the art technology ensures that within our lab environment we're able to achieve maximum data output from devices. We must stress that we will NOT bypass pin code locks on cellular phones without a Criminal Case number and/or appropriate authorisation - in short, no we will not crack a spouse or ex-spouses cellular handset. Our cellular analysis team will assist you with an initial device inspection and help you to understand the results that may be possible at a forensic level. 

As always we have to work as though our results are headed to court and accordingly stick to chain of custody protocols and best practice for cellular forensics. 

We have a range of technologies available that are able to acquire data from cellular handsets and you are most welcome to contact us for further particulars.