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Cybercrime Investigations

Cybercrime is one of the most complex investigations to conduct. A team of experienced investigators who are as familiar with technology as they are with investigations and the Law are required. We offer the very best of both worlds with some of South Africas leading pool of talent.

While many "private investigators" will dabble at Cybercrime few truly understand the dynamics at play. Even fewer hold the technical and digital forensic background to conduct these investigations thoroughly and in a manner that will delivery court-acceptable evidence. This is one of our cornerstone service offerings - and we don't mess about. Our team is lead by Craig Pedersen personally

We don't just DO - we share our knowledge and experience too

Our results in the CyberCrime arena as well as our track record is self evident. That being said, we're really proud of what we've achieved. From being one of the first Digital Forensic Labs in Cape Town to offer the full suite of services including image enhancement - all the way to being the FIRST provider of Open Source Intelligence Training specifically for the African Continent.  Our key staff members are regular guest speakers at local and international conferences to ensure that we share the lessons learned.   Our approach to Cybercrime is hands on, decisive and we're familiar with the MLAT and other procedures for offshore subpoena service as and when required. We operate a full internal OsInt desk and Cybercrimes desk which is highly active in preventing cybercrimes and enaging with roleplayers in the commercial and law enforcement sectors to reduce the incidences of cyber crimes in South Africa.   Feel free to browse LinkedIn to familiarise yourself with the experience and credentials of our team members.