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Forensic Investigations

Forensic investigations are complex. The key difference between a conventional investigator and a forensic investigator lies within the methodology that is used, the approach to the gathering of evidence and of course ultimately the use of science and technology in the investigation of crime.  At TCG Digital Forensics, we have three internal Certified Fraud Examiners to assist you with your investigative requirements. 


What is a Certified Fraud Examiner? 

A CFE designation is confered on an individual who through their experience and a rigorous examination based on the ACFE body of knowledge has satisfied the requirements to recieve that CFE credential. The CFE must also ascribe to the international conventions in their methodology, attain CPD points annually to retain the credential and show that they are indeed actively involved in the Fraud Investigation industry.  

One of the key functions of a Fraud Examiner is to start with a scope of work provided by the client and move forward with an investigation. This will include preparation stages, an interview phase, data acquisition and analysis phase - and finally reporting. Unlike conventional investigative reports, forensic reports are factually based, devoid of supposition and allusion and stick to straight facts which can be evidenced. 

Our fraud examiners are also exceptionally well practiced presenters and are able to present Fraud Prevention training to our clients, conduct lifestyle audits both overtly and covertly and produce meaningful lifestyle intelligence to go beyond our clients expectations. 

Our Forensic investigators are never out there alone in the field. They're backed by a top of the line administration team, Open Source Intelligence team and of course  a capable case-manager. We also have our own lab facility in Cape Town and a Digital Forensics Field office in Pretoria to ensure that there is minimal movement of exhibits from the time of acquisition through to disposal of the exhibit.  


Our Forensic Investigation team are regularly hard at work on tender investigations, commercial fraud cases, individual fraud cases and even criminal matters where we bring the full experience of our team to bear on getting to the bottom of the case.